Experience shows that ensuring information security is in fact a managerial rather than a technical problem. The existence of processes and structures, as well as sufficient human and financial resources to provide security solutions, are key to effective security solutions – whether it is related to information security management, emergency plan preparation or technology implementation.

Build an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in your organization that will integrate all technical, administrative, operational activities to fully meet your needs, meet criteria in line with international standards and meet regulatory or legal requirements.


Configuration integrity and IS compliance

  • automatic verification of the configuration against the standards or "best practices" recommendations, which assists in preventing new security problems and enables to demonstrate the compliance with the standards
  • complex overview of the configuration changes in compliance with the best practices
  • sources for identification of possible risks necessary for meeting the objectives of security audits

Penetration Testing

Sometimes it’s not enough to run automated tests and create a report.

Today, hackers are increasingly more clever, creative and armed with powerful tools previously only available to Nation State Attackers. We continuously create new scenarios and methodologies for penetration testing enriched with knowledge of the latest IOCs and TTPs. Our team supplements this with OSINT, Dark Web and Deep Web research, advanced social engineering and ethical hacker manual techniques to provide insight into a risk that a vulnerability test may overlook. During penetration test the vulnerabilities and business logic flaws are exploited or combined to create attack vector and compromise the target organization. Croton offers external and internal network penetration tests as well as web application penetration tests.


Secure Code Review

An application is as secure as its weakest link in code, that’s why starting early and removing code errors before they turn into security risks will be rewarded by lower software maintenance costs. Security should be at the core of any application development process, securing the code arguably brings the most security benefits compared to other activities.
Our Secure Code Review methodology adheres to recognized and well-respected industry frameworks, including OWASP Software Security Assurance Process (OSSAP), ITIL Version 3 Service Lifecycle for Application Support, ISO/IEC 27034, NIST SP 800-37/64, and others.


ATM security review

Automated teller machines (ATMs) and other technologies make cash easily available to customers

For retail banks, however, the cost and complexity of operating these technologies continues to rise across the entire cash supply chain–from holding, counting and validating cash to processing, transporting and protecting it.
ATMs today provide more functionality through more advanced operating systems, enhanced security features and additional account services. Similarly, more advanced hardware features include cash recycling and optical scanning to improve counting accuracy.



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